10 Healthy Office Must-Haves!

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All too often, working takes a major toll on our bodies. It doesn’t take long for the average working American to feel worn out, stressed out, and sick. To help combat this health dilemma, we have put together a list of our favorite products to help you feel good and work in comfort!

  1. ComfiLife Coccyx Orthopedic Memory Foam Office Chair & Car Seat Cushion – Do you get low back pain? Get some Sciatica relief with this amazing seat cushion and start feeling better!             Seat Cushion
  1. Theracane This self massage device is a life-saver for those who deal with neck and shoulder pain!TheraCane
  2. Sit-to-Stand DeskYou’ve probably heard that “Sitting is the new smoking” and how terrible sitting is for our health. Help yourself by investing in a Sit-to-Stand Desk!                                                                        Sit to Stand Desk
  3. Floor MatIf you do decide to invest in a Sit-to-Stand Desk, or if your job requires you to be on your feet all day, stand on one of these amazing floor mats to relieve pain from head to toe!

Desk Mat

  1. Water BottleYes, that’s right, a simple water bottle! Most people do not realize just how dehydrated they get throughout the day. The benefits of hydration are endless so be sure to keep a water bottle at your desk at all times and drink up!water bottles
  1. Lunch BoxBring your own healthy lunch and snacks to ensure proper nutrition. Be prepared so you can battle junk food temptations that may be in your office. Click here for some healthy workplace snack ideas.


  1. Healthy On-the-Go: A Guide to Healthy Living for Busy Working ProfessionalsThis book gives you many desk exercises, workout routines, stretches, and healthy recipes to help keep you strong and fit!

Healthy On The Go

  1. Essential Oil DiffuserEssential Oils are powerful! Diffuse Lavender to reduce stress or use “Joy” to boost productivity. Learn more about how Essentials Oils can help in your every day life here.                  Essential Oil Diffuser
  1. SpeakerPlay soft music throughout your work day to reduce stress. Our favorite is this Bose Mini Speaker. If you are in a cubical or a noisy office, you may want to invest in some headphones.


  1. Desk Water FallCreate Zen in your office with this serene waterfall. Hearing the trickle of the water will certainly help you reduce stress and stay relaxed!

desk waterfall

Have any of these products helped you be healthier and more productive? Comment below and tell us about it!



A Stronger Workplace is a Corporate Wellness company in Atlanta, Georgia. A Stronger Workplace’s mision is to help companies be more productive and more efficient by educating and motivating employees to live a healthier lifestyle. A Stronger Workplace’s service include Workplace Wellness Programs, Lunch & Learns, Office Fitness Challenges, and Online Personal Training. Please contact Megan@astrongerworkplace.com for more information!

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