25 Ideas For a Healthier Workplace

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Workplace Wellness Programs have a multitude of benefits including decreased healthcare costs, decreased absenteeism, increased productivity, and a healthier and happier workforce. Here are 25 ideas to help make your workplace healthier:

  1. Put in a walking trail around building.
  2. Offer flexible lunch periods to encourage walking groups.
  3. Put up signs showing how many calories burned by taking stairs.
  4. Replace candy bowls with fruit bowls.
  5. Remove soda from break room.
  6. Form a employer sponsored softball or kickball team.
  7. Provide employees with fitness trackers such as the YOO from A Stronger Workplace!
  8. Participate in community walks and 5ks.
  9. Ask your vending machine company to add healthy foods.
  10. Put together a company “Healthy Recipes” cookbook with favorite healthy recipes from employees.
  11. Offer a Nutrition Lunch and Learn from A Stronger Workplace.
  12. Add a “Trail Mix Bar” or a “Smoothie Bar” to the break room.
  13. Coordinate a cooking class event for employees.
  14. Reward hardworking employees by bringing in a massage therapist for Chair Massages.
  15. Offer a Stress Management Lunch & Learn from A Stronger Workplace.
  16. Email employees health tips.
  17. Add encouraging and motivational quotes around office.
  18. Provide Smoking Cessation programs.
  19. Create Wellness Challenges (available through A Stronger Workplace) and provide incentives.
  20. Provide a Workplace Wellness bulletin board with health tips and recognition of employees making healthier efforts.
  21. Create a Wellness Newsletter sent out Monthly or Quarterly.
  22. Conduct a Health Fair or a Biometric Screening with Wellness Give Aways. Available through A Stronger Workplace.
  23. Provide office water coolers to encourage hydration.
  24. Teach employees how to stretch and exercise at desk (ASW Lunch & Learn).
  25. Create a Health and Wellness display in reception or lobby area with brochures and handouts for employees to take with them.


A Stronger Workplace is a vendor for workplace wellness needs. Services and products include Wellness Challenges, Biometric Screenings, Lunch & Learns, YOO Fitness Trackers, and Personalized Training Programs. Please email Megan@astrongerworkplace.com or call 770-617-3366 to learn more! 

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