5 Reasons to Consider this Challenge for the New Year!

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5 Reasons to Consider this Challenge for the New Year!

The most common New Year’s Resolution in America is weight loss. As a culture we tend to “let ourselves go” starting around Halloween all the way to December 31st. The New Year always brings the feeling of a fresh new start so it is usually a great time to start over with your Health & Wellness goals. However, people’s motivation begin to fade out after about a month or two and they end up back where they started, repeating the same cycle year after year.

This year we highly encourage you to consider our 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge when trying to decide what type of program you are going use. Here is why:

  1. Nutrition Catered to You The challenge starts out with BodyDesign’s Two Week Detox. The purpose of the detox is to rid your body of toxins and inflammation that could keep you from losing weight, as well as properly challenge grains and diary to your diet. Many people have sensitivities to foods and they have no idea. During the detox you will eat plenty of clean and healthy foods that will get your body working the way its suppose to. After the Detox and after challenging your body to find your personal food sensitivities, you will transition into your clean eating plan and will have built in cheat meals to ensure you can still “live a little” while enjoying healthy food!
  2. Exercise Program Meets You Where You Are You will get 8 weeks worth of workout routines that will be built around your goals, the exercise equipment you have access to, and any injuries or limitations you may have. Your nutrition program will help you lose weight, but your exercise program will enhance your results as well as give you that tight and toned look! If you don’t have access to a gym, you will get workouts that you can do at home. You will feel better, move better, and look better with these tailored-to-you workout programs!
  3. It’s Habit Forming The challenge will teach you so much about your body as well as instill habits in you that will carry you far past the challenge. This one is hard to explain unless you just do it. See the testimonials below from those who have completed the challenge to get a better idea!
  4. It’s Affordable This challenge is only $99 (until December 31st, 2016) but is valued at over $425! You will basically have your own personal trainer and nutritionist guiding you and teaching you for 8 weeks. Many spend that much on 1-2 Personal Training Sessions!! This deal is one of a kind!
  5. Access to Experts Throughout the challenge, you will have access to a Registered Dietician and Certified Exercise Physiologist, Mary Sabat, MS, RDN, LD and Megan Hill, M.Ed., C-EP. They have experience you won’t find anywhere else. You will have access through out the 8 weeks to them via email to ask any questions you may have! Learn more about your experts here.

Here is what ‘s included with the 8-Week Body Transformation Challenge:

  • BodyDesign’s Two Week Detox Plan
  • BodyDesign’s Detox Friendly Recipe Book
  • Nutrition Guidelines for Healthy Eating
  • Food Substitution List
  • Weekly Motivation, Guidelines, and Recipe Ideas
  • Unlimited support to both Megan & Mary
  • 8 Weeks of Personalized Workouts
  • Exercise Demonstration Videos
  • Future Discounts on Nutrition & Exercise Programs
  • Access to Private Facebook Support Group
  • BodyDesign’s Yoga Stretch Videio for All Levels

Here is what others have said about the challenge:

I just completed Mary’s two- week detox and I feel amazing.  I lost nine pounds.  Nine pounds!  But the best part is I didn’t feel hungry or deprived while detoxing, and I was able to stick with it while traveling and eating out.  My clothes fit again and the detox program launched me into a healthier, cleaner lifestyle.  Thanks Mary!  – Liz. D. 

Being in the throes of menopause, my metabolism had virtually shut down. I could not lose weight, in fact, I was gaining weight. Exercise and toning wasn’t being effective and I felt I was wasting my time. But this Challenge changed all that! By learning how to make smart food choices, proactively managing my diet, and changing my exercise and toning routines, I lost almost 14 pounds, lost over an inch off my belly, and 1/2 inch off my thighs. My clothes look and feel better on me. I will continue to take care with what I eat and maintain a robust exercise routine. – Kelly G. 

 I can’t say enough wonderful things about the 8 Week Body Transformation from A Stronger Workplace. I was nervous about the 2 week detox but it was such an accomplishment to complete it, especially since I’m a custom cake maker and had to look at cake every single day.I lost 5 lbs in the first 2 weeks, with no exercise. I hurt my back the day before it started and took some time off from work outs to let my body heal. I even cut cream and sugar out of my morning coffee, something that I thought I could never give up!The support in the Facebook group was tremendous. From whining about cravings, to giving tips to others, there was always something new popping up to keep me going.I learned a lot about exercise and nutrition, but also about myself and what I’m capable of. I’m still implementing a lot of the detox principals in my daily life and have managed to continue losing weight and getting closer to my goal (only 1.5lbs to go!) — even during this holiday season.Huge thanks to Megan and Mary! I know I couldn’t have done this without you! 
– Rachael, 31

So the questions is, are you ready to transform your body!? Sign Up Now!

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