The Real Fountain of Youth? The Top 3 Ways to Slow Down the Aging Process.

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Guest Blog by Dr. Jason Trainer

How much would you pay to prolong your life? I suppose a person’s station in life would greatly influence the answer: a young adult might not place the same value on living longer as someone in his or her twilight years. If this question were asked on the deathbed, I’m convinced most would pay ANY amount to experience more life.

Getting older is part of life, but aging may not be. Science is showing us that there is a huge difference between chronological age and biological age.

Chronological age is how many years a person has lived (how many circles around the sun they’ve made) while biological age is basically a measure of how much life a person has “used up” due to environmental damage.

Science is showing us that it isn’t so much how many years one has lived, it how life has been lived. It’s quality of life not quantity. Biological age is what determines lifespan, disease risk, and chance of survival; and is MOSTLY determined by lifestyle choices!

As I write this I realize it’s been almost 10 years since my father died of a massive heart attack at age 57. While a shock to my family, it wasn’t that much of a surprise when my dad passed away. You see he didn’t take care of himself very well. Most of my adult life my father was 350 – 400 lbs. and was constantly having health issues due to his weight. His health (or lack thereof) was a ticking time bomb that he wasn’t able to defuse.

But no matter if you’ve made great choices or poor choices with your health thus far, there is hope! Since it is greatly determined by lifestyle, biological age can be slowed and even reversed !

Here are 3 ways to get biologically “younger”:

1. Get off the couch and get ACTIVE! “More people die of a sedentary lifestyle than from smoking.” C. Everett Coop, former U.S. Surgeon General

The human body is designed to move. Many of the normal processes in the body are activated through bodily motion. Walking stimulates cerebrospinal fluid to bathe and protect the brain and spinal cord. Motion is the mechanism by which joints are provided with nutrients needed for proper function. Spinal movement also actually stimulates the parts of the brain associated with higher cognitive function. The list goes on and on.

Movement and activity have incredible global healing effects for proper brain and body function allowing one to think clearer, feel better, and move better. And best of all, the National Institute of Health reports than leisuretime physical activity extends life expectancy as much as 4.5 years!

2 . Eat your veggies!The key for longer life is to eat a diet rich in fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, and low amounts of animal products.” Carol Torgan, Ph.D.

When discussing life extension and longevity, we should take into account the eating habits of cultures that have life expectancy much longer than that of the United States. One such group is the Vilcabamba Indians of the Ecuadorian Andes who commonly live past 120 years by eating a diet that averages 1,700 calories/day consisting of 99% plant based food.

A recent study showed people who ate a predominantly plantbased diet were 12% less likely to die younger than those who ate little or no raw fruits and vegetables. Eating highquality fruits, vegetables, nuts, and seeds gives the body the necessary building blocks it needs to perform the job of constant remodeling of the body.

Simply put, eating a plant based diet helps provides proper vitamins and minerals in their natural state (in raw, live food). This leads to a longer life.

3. Get your Nervous System checked! “Hyperfunctional or hypofunctional neurons along a neural chain prevent normal nerve transmission causing disturbances in the homeostasis of the cells, tissues and organs.” Dr. T. N. Lee

The brain ultimately controls lifespan in a number of ways. First, the control of the stress response (fight or flight mechanism) by the autonomic nervous system (ANS) has been shown to affect biological age. Basically, the more stress one’s life is under, the shorter the lifespan. The brain also regulates the endocrine system in the body, which controls the release of powerful hormones into the bloodstream, which can alter the overall body function.

These functions are quite normal and natural for your brain to maintain the health of the body. However, interference can and commonly does happen in the connection between the brain and body (the nervous system), which can cause abnormal ANS and endocrine function.

An improperly functioning nervous system, many times due to unresolved past trauma, can lead to hormonal and chemical stress on the body, which can cause premature biological aging.

The absolute best way to slow or even reverse aging is to ensure the proper function of the brain and nervous system!


When the tragedy of my dad’s death struck, it devastated my family. Even now, a decade later, I would give up all my worldly possessions for my dad to be alive today. However, my dad’s death motivated me to learn to help people find and maintain their health. My hope is to help someone else’s father, mother, aunt, or child to realize health is their natural BIRTHRIGHT and by making good choices relative to their health, people can, and should, live healthy and long lives.

Yours in Health,

Dr. Jason Trainer

The Specific Chiropractic Center


Dr. Jason Trainer graduated Cum Laude (with honors) with a Doctor of Chiropractic degree from Parker University in Dallas, Texas after completing two undergraduate degrees at Parker: a B.S. in Anatomy and a B.S. in Health and Wellness. While at Parker, Dr. Trainer was the recipient of the James W Parker Philosophy award, which recognizes a single student for demonstrating the principles of friendship, love of mankind, and compassion to serve in the practice of Chiropractic.

Dr. Trainer has continued his post-graduate education with The Art of The Specific, an upper cervical chiropractic specialty focused on ensuring proper function of the nervous system.  Dr. Trainer is so passionate about the benefits of a healthy nervous system that he joined a team of doctors on a mission to introduce chiropractic to the people of El Salvador with the ultimate goal of writing and passing laws recognizing chiropractic in that country.

Ultimately what motivates Dr. Trainer is a desire to help people live fuller, healthier lives despite (or maybe because of) the fact he lost his own father to a massive heart attack at 57. Having lived through the pain of losing a loved one to a preventable disease, Dr. Trainer is on a mission to empower people to make wise choices regarding their health and wellness.

In addition to chiropractic, Dr. Trainer enjoys golfing as much as humanly possible – playing as many as 4 rounds in a single day! He also enjoys spending time in nature with his wife Jennifer exploring, biking, kayaking, and sailing.

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