Healthy employees make for productive employees. That in itself has a multitude of benefits, let alone all the savings in healthcare costs and decreased absenteeism. Employers, wouldn’t you want that for company? Employees, wouldn’t it be nice to work in a positive environment where health is promoted? Here are 7 ways to build a culture of health in your workplace:

  1. Implement a Wellness Incentive Program – Incentivize your employees to exercise and work towards a healthier lifestyle! Offer incentives – Gift cards, cash, days off, company recognition, parking spaces, etc. Give your employees extra reasoning to get healthy! No idea where to even begin with this? That’s where A Stronger Workplace comes in – we will organize and run the program for you! Contact us for more info.
  2. Lead By Example – The most successful wellness programs start with senior leadership support and trickles down from there. Corporate leaders have the ability to be the catalyst for change within their organization. If you are in this position, make sure you walk the talk!
  3. Educate – Provide employees with education in all areas of health – nutrition, exercise, mental health, stress reduction, sleep quality, etc. Total health includes more than just physical activity. A Stronger Workplace offers Lunch & Learns on various topics (even if you are not implementing our program you can still bring us in for Lunch & Learns!).
  4. Challenge – Create different challenges within your wellness program. Get to know your employees and find out what makes them tick. If they are competitive, make a competition out of it! If there is an obesity problem – reward for weight loss or create a “Biggest Loser” challenge. If there is a tobacco issue, reward for cessation. Keep it fun and mix it up! Again, ASW can help you with this!
  5. Revamp Break Room/Kitchen – Are there donuts and cookies in your break room? Soda in the fridge? Remove these items immediately and replace them with healthier options! Maybe have fresh fruit and trail mix for employees and bottles of water in the fridge. The “out of sight out of mind” motto goes a long way. Another idea – put a blender in the break room for employees to make smoothies! Also, if you ever cater lunch to your employees, bring in healthier options. Some good suggestions are Chipotle, Zoe’s Kitchen, and Jason’s Deli. Make it easy for your employees to eat healthy.
  6. Replace Candy Bowls – Are there bowls of candy at your reception area or elsewhere in your office? Replace these with fruit bowls – apples, oranges, or pears? Again, the out of sight out of mind motto goes a long way!!
  7. Organize Out Of Office Activities – Organize out of office activities for your employees! These can be incorporated in to your wellness program or they can be used as team building activities. Go for something physical rather than a happy hour socializer. Some ideas – A night at Top Golf, whirly Ball, bowling, a charity 5k, or even have your company join a softball or kickball league! Get your employees out and about and make it fun!

A Stronger Workplace will come into your office and create, implement, and execute a customized program for you! Please contact Megan to learn more about how A Stronger Workplace can help your company. Website:, Email: