Holiday Wish List for Healthy Living

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The holidays are almost here and now is the time to start shopping and preparing! Give the gift of health and fitness this year to encourage healthy living amongst your friends, family, coworkers, and employees. Below are our healthiest gift ideas for you to give or even add to your own wish list! Check them out:

$10 & Under

  • Jump Rope Take workouts to the next level with a Speed Jump Rope! Put in gym bag or take with you when traveling for no-excuse workouts!


  • Workout Bands Bands such as these Loop Bands can be used for so many different exercises! We use them for several different exercises in our Remote Personal Training program. The bands are also easy to pack in your suitcase if you travel.


  • Nalgene Water Bottle Staying hydrated seems to be a struggle for so many. This Nalgene Water Bottle is good to keep with you at all times!


$30 & Under

  • Foam Roller Foam Rollers are essential when it comes to recovering from your workouts as well as injury prevention and reducing aches and pains.


  • Thera Cane If you ever experience neck and/or back pain, stress, and tension, you NEED a Thera Cane! This self-massage tool will have you feeling good as new!


  • Yoga Mat Everybody should be stretching and exercising every day. Having a comfortable place to stretch on, like a yoga mat, can really make a difference.


  • Meal Prep Lunch Box Cooking your own food verses eating out will help you control the ingredients in your food as well as help you save money! Start meal prepping and bring your lunch to work with the help of this Meal Prep Kit.



$50 & Under

  • Natural Skin Care – Dirty Beauty Clay Mask Not only is it important to eat organic foods but it is equally as important to use organic skin care products. Try this favorite Clay Mask for “spa days”!


  • Crockpot Crockpots make cooking so easy and are incredibly helpful for busy people who are striving to eat healthy!


  • iPod Shuffle – Workouts are ALWAYS better with music! The iPod Shuffle is the perfect way to listen to your favorite jams while getting your workout in! 


$100 & Under

  • Fitness Trackers Fitness Trackers are a great way to track your physical activity each day! Check out the Fitbit Flex!

Fit Bit

  • Heart Rate Monitor Tracking your Heart Rate throughout your workout is all the rage right now! Check the intensity of your workouts with this Polar Heart Rate Monitor!


  • Essential Oils Essential Oils are great for anyone looking to take a holistic approach to wellness! Check out to get started and order some oils!


Big Gifts

  • Vitamin The Vitamix makes a wonderful gift for the health conscious cook! This high performance blender can make everything from smoothies to soups, nut butters, frozen desserts and so much more!


  • Dumbbell Set This set of Dumbbells is the perfect addition to a home gym! As they say, “Strong is the new skinny”!



Stocking Stuffers

  • Healthy On-the-Go Book This book is perfect for busy working professionals, college grads, moms, entrepreneurs, and business owners! The book takes one through a day from morning to night and gives healthy tips, exercises, and recipes to get them though a day in the healthiest way!

Healthy On The Go

  • Healthy Snacks Sampler Instead of stuffing stockings with the unhealthy junk, fill the stocking with snacks from this Snack Sampler from Thrive Market! 


  • Natural Skin Care Samples These Dirt Cheap Beauty Samples from Dirty Beauty make wonderful stocking stuffers as well. With ingredients straight from the farm, this skincare line is safe and healthy! 


  • Slow Cooker Spice Blend This variety pack of slow cooker Spice Blends from our friends at Garlic Clove Foods makes meal prepping and cooking so much easier! Just pop your meat in the slow cooker, add the pack of spices, and enjoy a delicious dish that lasts for days! Perfect stocking stuffer!


A Stronger Workplace is a Corporate Wellness company in Atlanta, Georgia. A Stronger Workplace’s mision is to help companies be more productive and more efficient by educating and motivating employees to live a healthier lifestyle. A Stronger Workplace’s service include Lunch & Learns, Office Fitness Challenges, and Online Personal Training. Please contact for more information! 

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  • Samantha Dickey

    Great List! And amazing ‘gifts of wellness’ anyone would love throughout the year!!!

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